Flammable Heart



Howard Liebers, Founder of MarbleRoad, designer of the IndieMatch concept, and curator of The Flammable Heart Exhibition is a member of the Society for the Arts in Healthcare. The vision for this exhibition is grounded in a few key principles held by that Society, described below [and borrowed from their website www.thesah.org]:

Arts in healthcare is a diverse, multidisciplinary field dedicated to transforming the healthcare experience by connecting people with the power of the arts at key moments in their lives. This rapidly growing field integrates the arts, including literary, performing, and visual arts and design, into a wide variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purposes. Four areas of focus for the Society include (1) Patient Care (2) Caring for Caregivers (3) Healthcare environments and (4) Community Well-being. In essence, the incorporation of the arts into the healthcare experience has a positive impact on patient health outcomes; The arts create safer, more supportive, and more functional environments in healthcare facilities; Caregivers are faced with the realities of human suffering, illness, and death on a daily basis, and need an opportunity for creativity and self-expression; and communities can benefit through the engagement of people in arts programs aimed at promoting prevention and wellness activities and communicating health information to improve knowledge.  

Many of our participating artists have had significant experiences with their own health or the health of their loved ones, which have in turn influenced their work. Click links above (2011 Gallery; 2010 Gallery; etc.) to view partial lists of artists and artworks.

***Items may be purchased with cash, credit card, or check payable to "MarbleRoad". Please note that all sales are FINAL - no returns or exchanges will be permitted. Items will be shipped only within the contiguous United States; we prefer items be picked up directly from the gallery upon the end of the exhibition. If item is purchased at opening, it may not be available until the end of the exhibition, even if payment is processed earlier.***

Want to donate your art to The Flammable Heart Exhibition in the future? Email inquiries@indiematch.net