The Flammable Heart Exhibition


Here is a list of sponsors, partners and supporters not necessarily highlighted elsewhere on this site:

The exclusive beer of The Flammable Heart Exhibition:

Since the early days of 1988, The Brooklyn Brewery has striven to support the myriad of arts in New York City. When the brewery in Williamsburg opened up, we regularly hosted shows for neighborhood artists. Among many others, institutions like BAM, Brooklyn Museum and Dia Arts Foundation all receive financial and beer support from The Brewery. We are proud to support some of our favorite artists as Brooklyn Brewery’s distribution and the borough’s sphere of influence continue to grow throughout the country and the world. These organizations embody so much of what Brooklyn Brewery values: community, collaboration, local arts and good, locally made food. 



Bald Vinny Ltd. is a custom-printed apparel company specializing in casual and athletic clothing. Started in 2003 by Vinny Milano, Bald Vinny Ltd. is excited to be the Official manufacturer/designer of Right Field Bleacher Creature apparel. Vinny, a long-time member of the Bleacher Creatures, began sitting in Section 39 in 1997 after graduating from the University of Hartford with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications. As lifelong Yankee fan, Vinny found his home in Section 39 (Row B, Seat 18) in 1998 and has averaged 75 Yankee games per season since (including many away games). In 2002, inspired by past successes in the garment industry (specifically t-shirts), Vinny created and marketed the first ever Official Bleacher Creature t-shirt. In addition, Vinny is the creator/designer behind all of the apparel featured on this website. In 2005, Vinny was one of four cast members in the YES Network’s baseball reality show “Ultimate Roadtrip”, in which he attended ALL 162 Yankees games!